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Growing up, you were just as likely to find me playing outside as you were to find me with my nose in a book. I particularly enjoy books focusing on worlds of magic and adventure. 

I often joke that I'm part mermaid, as I’m always near, on, or in, some kind of water (but never hot water). I pursued a Marine Biology degree (with a minor in English) from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, graduating in 2017 . I then headed to Miami to attend the University of Miami, earning a Master of Professional Science in Marine Conservation in 2019. 

With an English father and an Italian-American mother, I had a colorful upbringing in Charlotte, North Carolina, which has been accentuated by traveling a lot. I also SCUBA dive and recently worked as a Navy Marine Mammal Trainer.

My biggest inspiration for writing is that I simply need my characters to be quiet so I can think. Currently, I divides her time between writing, scuba diving, my loving friends and family, and working, and petting any animals that will let me do so.

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